Birthday Race Information

Oakshade will NOT be open for camping or reserving seats on Thursday, July 12.

Front gate will be open on Friday, July 13 from 11am to 12am for campers and to put blankets down. Everyone coming through the gate on Friday will be required to purchase tickets and/or pit passes for Saturday’s racing. Back gate will not be accessible.

Gates will open on Saturday morning by 10am. Pits will be open for everyone until 4pm for autographs, pictures, etc. After 4pm, you must have a pit pass to remain in the pits. Hot laps will begin at 6pm. Racing will start at 7:45pm.


  • All tape, blankets, plastic, etc. needs to be removed when you least on Saturday after the races.
  • No taping or marking on the backboards or seats.
  • No lawn chairs in the bleachers.
  • No baby car seats in bleachers.
  • No large coolers or glass containers of any kind.
  • All golf carts, gators, Four-wheelers or ATV’s will not be allowed to operate in the parking lot after dark on Friday night.
  • All fires must be in a steel ring. No nails, staples or metal in wood. You must clean up your ashes and take them with you.