Summer Nationals Procedure/Pay for July 12

$10,000.00 to win $500.00 to start A Main
B Main  1st=0.00 2nd=0.00 3rd= 0.00 4th=0.00 5th= 0.00 6th=0.00 7th= $400.00  8th= $350.00 9th=325.00 10th= 300.00 11th= 250.00 12th=200.00 13th=175.00 14th= 150.00 15th=125.00 16th=100.00

Group qualifying, 1 lap
Heats will be lined straight up. (NO INVERSION)
The winner from each heat will re-draw to determine where they will start in the feature.  
Provisionals 19th will be the highest point driver in the current s/n points that did not make the show. 20th will be the highest driver in the 2007 UMP National points that did not make the show  
33 cars or more
3 heats/ 4 transfer   or  4 heats 3/ transfer
1 c-main 4 transfer to B-main.  1-B main / 6 transfer to A main