Schlenk Earns Fourth Championship With Win

Rusty Schlenk capped off an incredible fourth championship season in the UMP Late Model division at Oakshade Raceway on Saturday night with a his seventh feature win of the year.

Schlenk grabbed the lead at the start of the 30-lap Season Championship Late Model feature event and led the entire distance. Brad Eitniear, Brian Ruhlman and Steve Kester put on quite a show for the second position with Kester occupying the spot most of the first half of the race. Eitniear and Ruhlman both got by Kester for the second and third positions by the mid point of the race. Kester battled back and got back around both drivers for an impressive second place finish. Ruhlman finished third for the second straight week with Casey Noonan right behind in fourth which secured him second in the final point standings. Eitniear slipped back to finish fifth.

After wrapping up his second consecutive Oakshade Raceway Championship, Rusty Schlenk now has his sights set on a second consecutive UMP National Late Model Championship. He currently sits in second in a tight point battle with Ryan Unzicker.

Tim Fisher started on the outside of the front row in the UMP Sportsman feature and led the first lap. Fisher slipped up high in turn two opening the door for the Oakshade Sportsman point leader, Tim Line, to duck on by for the lead. Line stretched his advantage for a bit, but Fisher and Chris Keller began to close back in. Fisher regained the lead on lap 12, but a caution for Eric Bradner’s spin reverted the field back to the running order on lap 11 allowing Line to maintain the top spot. On the ensuing restart, Fisher dropped down low to challenge for the lead and ended up spinning out in turn two to bring out another caution. This was the first in a string of caution periods that continued to keep the field stuck on lap 11. Eventually a few green flag laps allowed Keller to take the lead from Line. Another late caution as the time limit expired set up a one lap shootout to the finish in which Keller held on to pick up his fifth consecutive feature win. Line settled for a second place finish followed by Joe Derbeck and Mike Jessen who started 16th. Bob Mayer finished fifth.

A big wreck at the start of the UMP Bomber A Main resulted in a complete restart with a bit of a jumbled line up after pole-sitter Fred Burtch spun on the backstretch and stacked up the field behind him. Craig Dippman moved up to the pole for the restart and led the first lap. Dippman’s great run was short-lived as he spun in turn two on the second lap while leading which brought out another yellow flag. Jeff Geis assumed the lead with Jeff Foks in second. Foks eventually got alongside Geis for the lead and both drivers battled side by side for a few laps until Foks finally got the advantage on lap six. Foks went on to post his second consecutive feature win and his third of the year. Tony Tolles and Jim Scout got by Geis to finish second and third respectively with Chris Henry ending up fifth.

Derek Morris continued his domination in Oakshade’s Hornet class earning his sixth feature win of the year. Morris took command after starting on the pole with Brandon Myers in pursuit. Myers great run was cut short in a scary incident with Tyler Grames. Myers was looking to the outside of the lapped car driven by Grames when it suddenly veered right in front of Myers and the two drivers made hard contact. That brought out the red flag as emergency crews checked on Grames. Once racing resumed, Morris was able to hold off a late challenge from Drew Smith to pick up the checkered flag. Smith settled for second followed by “Sparky Marky” Gillingham, Logan Hough and Regan Ford.

Kyle Light, Rick Dixon and Josh Sisty battled three-wide for the lead at the start of the UMP Bomber B Main. Light led the first lap, but Dixon found his way to the front by lap two. Sisty’s top five run ended early when he spun in turn two on lap four which brought out the yellow flag. At least four more caution periods kept things tight and set up an exciting final lap. Dixon was continuing to lead late in the race, but Chris Sands got by on the last lap. Sands led Dixon into turn three and Dixon got into the rear of Sands which turned him around. Dixon then got turned around himself when another car tagged him in the rear in turn four. Garry Domoe drove through the carnage and came off turn four with the lead and picked up the feature win. Kyle Light came back to finish second followed by Dan Plath and Satch Crispen. Josh Sisty drove back through the field to end up fifth.

The final event of the night, the UMP Bomber C Main, rolled out onto the track next. A great battle for the lead between Justin Gamber and Nick Fenner highlighted the early race action. Gamber was able to lead the first two laps, but slipped up high coming off turn four which allowed Fenner drive under him into the lead. Gamber slipped back through the running order, but became a factor again late in the race and he recovered back to second. Fenner was able to hang on to pick up his second C Main win of the year. Following Gamber in second was Charles Stuckey, Tim Zuver and Marty Bloomer.

The great racing action continues at Oakshade Raceway on Labor Day weekend with the final American Late Model Series show paying $2,000 to the winner of the UMP Late Model feature. Also in action will be the UMP Sportsman, UMP Bomber and Hornet classes. Gates open at 4pm with racing beginning promptly at 7pm.

Another Win For Schlenk

Defending UMP Late Model National Champion Rusty Schlenk notched another feature victory at Oakshade Raceway on Saturday night in an effort to repeat his Oakshade national championship and the Oakshade track championship.

Schlenk has all but sewn up the Oakshade Raceway UMP Late Model Track Championship with a commanding lead going into the final point event coming up in next weekend’s UMP Late Model Season Championship Night. Schlenk still has a little work to do in securing a second UMP National Championship. He currently sits second in the national standings.

Winner of one of the Dual Push Truck Challenge feature events last week, Schlenk started on the outside of the front row and immediately took control of the feature event ahead of Oak Harbor, Ohio’s Curtis Deisenroth. Zac Calkins lost a drive shaft to bring out the first caution flag on lap number two. Shortly after the restart, Deisenroth spun and collected Brian Ruhlman in a hard head-on collision. Both drivers went to the pits, but only Ruhlman rejoined competition just before the field went back to green. Schlenk went on to pick up his sixth Oakshade feature win of the year and Casey Noonan kept fairly close and earned a second place finish. Brian Ruhlman charged back through the field after restarting at the tail earlier in the race to secure third. Devin Shiels was fourth with Dusty Moore finishing fifth.

Chris Keller has come alive the second half of the season and earned his fourth consecutive UMP Sportsman feature win of the year. Keller had to duck under pole-sitter Bob Gregory to take the lead on lap one. Despite a very close call trying to lap Eric Bradner, Keller went on to what appeared to be an easy victory in the caution-free race. Bruce Stuart finished second and point leader Tim Line was third. Last year’s champion Mike Jessen followed Line for fourth with Bob Gregory slipping back to a fifth place finishing position.

Jeff Foks grabbed the lead at the start of the UMP Bomber A Main. Point leader Jim Scout was working toward the front when contact from Chris Henry turned him around in turn two early in the race. Scout managed to keep going with no caution flag, but fell to the back of the running order. The first and only caution flag flew near the finish of the race when Chris Dachenhaus, Chris Howard and Chuck Leininger wrecked in turn four. That would tighten things up with just a couple laps left. Foks held off Rick Dixon to pick up his second A Main win of the year. Adam Noonan and Garry Domoe finished third and fourth respectively and had a slight post-race altercation on the track. Chris Henry finished fifth.

Taylor Dippman led the early laps of the Hornet feature event until she suffered a flat right front tire. That allowed Derek Morris to take over the race lead. Morris went on to pick up his seventh feature win of the year and his fifth in a row. He also took over the Hornet point lead from Drew Smith who retired from the race early. “Sparky Marky” Gillingham finished second ahead of Brandon Myers, Logan Hough and William Cundick.

Jeff Geis opened up a big lead early in the UMP Bomber B Main over John Gamber who pulled off the track to the pits on lap two. Fred Burtch closed in on Geis, but could not mount a challenge as Geis went on to take the checkered flag. Burtch settled for second with Donvan Paskan winding up in third. Roscoe Stetten and Justin Gamber rounded out the rest of the top five finishers.

The UMP Bomber C Main once again produced one of the night’s most exciting finishes. Dylan Herman took the lead after starting on the pole. Dan Plath was in a battle for second when he suffered a flat tire and headed to the pits. Joe Heffner was running second when he made contact with the lapped car of Jacob Dickman allowing Jamie Grochowski to take over the position. Grochowski closed in on Herman for the lead on the final lap and the two drivers made significant contact as they crossed the finish line with Herman taking the win by a few feet. Randy Nickles started near the back of the field and finished third followed by Joe Heffner and Devin Goodman.

Saturday, August 27th is Season Championship Night for the UMP Late Models at Oakshade Raceway. The UMP Sportsman, UMP Bomber and Hornet divisions will also be in action with gates opening at 4pm and racing at 7pm.

Schlenk Gets Fifth Win Of Season

Rusty Schlenk picked up his fifth Oakshade Raceway UMP Late Model feature win in the first Dual Push Truck Challenge feature event on Saturday night with Josh Scott finally getting his first ever Oakshade Raceway UMP Late Model feature win in the second feature.

Schlenk started on the outside of the front row in the first 25-lap feature and immediately grabbed the lead over Rick Delong at the drop of the green flag. Jon Henry worked his way up to second by lap six, but Schlenk had already opened up a full straightaway lead. Henry was unable to close the gap as the race went caution-free all the way to the checkered flag, netting Schlenk his fifth win of the year as he continues to lead the point standings with only a couple weekends of Oakshade point racing left. Henry settled for second followed by Casey Noonan in third. Noonan is second in points and trails Schlenk by 152. Brian Ruhlman finished fourth and Dona Marcoullier drove up to fifth after starting 12th.

Schlenk drew for a 10-car invert for the start of the second Dual Push Truck Challenge feature race forcing him to start mid-pack. Benefiting from the invert were Matt Lindsey and Josh Scott who started ended up on the front row. Scott assumed the lead at the start but had to work hard to maintain that position due to a multiple caution periods. After one caution for a Zac Davis spin, Scott drove too hard into turns one and two on the restart and slid way up high allowing a bunch of cars to get by. Luckily for Scott an incident involving Ryan Missler and Donnie Marcoullier brought out the yellow flag before another lap was complete. That reset the field to the lineup of the previous restart with Scott still at the point. Scott didn’t make the same mistake of over driving his car and held off Rusty Schlenk to capture his very first Oakshade Raceway UMP Late Model feature win. Casey Noonan finished third once again followed by Devin Shiels and Brian Ruhlman.

Bob Gregory started on the pole of the UMP Sportsman feature and led until outside pole-sitter Bob Mayer went by on the outside on lap five. Mayer’s lead was short-lived as Chris Keller, winner of both Sportsman Twin 25 feature two weeks ago, took control on lap seven. Keller pulled away to wrap up his third feature win in a row. Gregory moved back up to finish second with Tim Fisher third. Mayer slipped back to finish fourth with Bruce Stuart fifth.

Chris Henry charged to the front of the UMP Bomber A Main after starting inside row two and appeared to have a car to beat, but he fell off the pace in turn four on the third lap. Henry coasted to the pits and was done for the night. Benefiting from Henry’s misfortune was Danny Hogrefe who inherited the lead. Tony Tolles pressured Hogrefe and both drivers battled side by side for a while exchanging the lead. Terry Rushlow and Jeff Foks closed in and joined the battle for the lead. Rushlow finally took the lead on lap nine and went on to hold off Foks to pick up the checkered flag. Tolles finished third with Bomber point leader Jim Scout ending up fourth. Hogrefe fell back to finish fifth.

William Cundick started the Oakshade Hornet feature a little early from his inside row two starting position and led the field to turn one as the field took the green flag. A caution for Sharlene Reeves slowed things early in the race and Cundick served his penalty for passing before the start. The driver everyone chased the remainder of the race was Derek Morris who went on to win his fourth feature in a row with closed him to within five points of Hornet point leader Drew Smith who had mechanical issues earlier in the night. Cundick recovered to finish second ahead of Brandon Myers, Regan Ford and Cody Stetten.

An action-packed Bomber B Main capped off the evenings racing program. Fred Burtch led the first half of the race and even survived an incident that just about took him and the second place car of Steve Morris when a lapped car came back on the track out the infield just in front of them. Both drivers spun, but Burtch kept going and was able to maintain his position as the yellow flag flew for Morris. Chris Sands passed Burtch for the lead on another restart as Burtch slipped to third. More cautions kept the field tight and allowed Morris to get back up to challenge for the lead. Morris was able to get by Sands for the lead after one restart, but some contact with Sands sent him spinning down the backstretch. Sands survived the race to pick up the victory over Brian Plotts, Satch Crispen, Shaun Sharp and Scott Robertson.

Another full racing program is on tap for Saturday, August 20 featuring UMP Late Models, UMP Sportsmen, UMP Bombers and Hornets. Gates open at 4pm with racing starting at 7pm.