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Dominator Super Stock Rules

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein express or imply warranty of safety from publication of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations; they are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injuy, or death to participants, spectators, or others.

Oakshade officials shall have full authority over all events at Oakshade Raceway. At the discretion of Oakshade officials, any participants, and/or vehicles may be disqualified for rules violation, hazardous actions, or assaults or threats against any official. Oakshade Raceway management and persons also reserve the right to refuse any vehicle, driver, or person to race in any event at anytime, on any property associated with Oakshade Raceway.

All vehicles are subject to being inspected by Oakshade officials at any time.

Eligible Vehicles:

1. Any American made vehicle, except 4 WD’s and convertibles. Must be rear wheel drive. Minimum 104″ wheel base.

1. All trim lights and glass must be removed, except the windshield, which is optional, but must have at least two metal straps with a screen.
2. Spoilers permitted. 6”(six)TALL maximum, 60 inches wide. NO SIDE BOARDS, MUST HAVE 2(two) STAPS. REAR DECK LID MUST BE FLAT.
3. Sail Panels, 43” x 22” with no more than 2” bow.
4. FACTORY BODIES or fabricated bodies will be permitted, but must be stock in appearance. No tilted roofs or raised deck lids allowed. Minimum 6” ground clearance on side and minimum 8” ground clearance on front. Stock appearing bumpers-front and rear. No tubing in front of bumpers.
5. Wrecked cars must be repaired weekly. Keep them neat.
6. All car numbers must be able to be read by scorers in the tower. A minimum 24” tall. They must be on both sides and the roof of each car. If scorers cannot read them you will not be scored.
7. Area from cowl or firewall under the hood must be completely enclosed.
8. Hood and trunk lids must open easily.
9. NO two way radios allowed. Working raceceivers are mandatory.
10. NO mirrors allowed.
11. Bumpers must not have any sharp edges.
12. All structural tubing must remain inside the body and behind the bumpers.
13. Every car must have the cockpit separate from the trunk by installing a min. 0662 thickness piece of steel or aluminum.
14. NO SCOOPS FACTORY OR OTHER WISE! No holes in hoods. Carburetor clearance bubble 3” high and 18” across. No Larger and no openings.
15. We can change rules at any time thru the year. We can add or take away rules.

1. Must be in stock location. NO engine setback, # 1 sparkplug must be in line with or ahead of ball joints.
2. Must have cast iron heads and blocks. Aluminum intakes are ok. Headers are ok.
3. One carburetor, only. No electric fuel pumps.
4. Stock factory distributor. No M.S.D. ignition systems.
5. All exhaust must be pointed away from ground, preferably to outside of car.

No ball spline transmissions allowed.

1. Must be removed from the stock location, AND MUST USE APPROVED FUEL CELL!!!!
2. Fuel cells must be painted white or red.
3. All cars must have a fuel cell in steel container fastened with a minimum of 2 steel straps at least 2″ wide and 1/8″ thick.
4. Fuel cells must not be mounted lower than rear end.

1. Radiator protection cannot be wider than the frame or go forward of the front bumper. One radiator in stock position. No oil or transmission coolers in driver’s compartment.

1. Stock front clip. Stock lower A-frames. TUBULAR UPPERS ALLOWED Stock steering box. One shock PER WHEEL. No late model or racing chassis. No rack and pinion. No coil overs. Minimum 5” diameter springs. Main frame rails to be a minimum of 2”x3” O.D. steel tubing.
2. Stock type rear-ends only. No fifth coil or coil covers. Truck rear ends and floaters permitted.
3. No cushioned linkages allowed on rear suspension with the exception of the pull bar/upper torque link which may use springs or a biscuit. No Birdcages.
4. Weight jacks are optional.


1. Every car must have hoop surrounding front third of the drive shaft. Drive shafts must be painted white.
2. Must have a racing belt and harness assembly with required crotch strap. Cannot be over 5 years old and /or depending on condition of straps.
3. Approved fire suit and helmet mandatory.
4. Batteries must be securely mounted using steel straps and the covered with battery box.
5. Any ballast weight must be fastened with a minimum of two 1/2” bolts. No stacking of weights. No clamped in weights. Maximum 50 lbs per each weight. All weights must be painted white and have car number on them.
6. A four-point roll cage with a minimum of 3 bars in driver’s door manufactured from minimum 1 1/2” tubing. Cage requirements are a must.

1. 8” maximum tread width and 10.5”(inch.) maximum cross-section. MUST FIT HOOP! DOT Stock passenger tires, HOOSIER H500, TOWEL CITY RETREAD S650 medium compound (solid yellow dot). Steel wheels only 8” maximum. NO other racing tires. No mud or snow tires. Bead locks on right SIDE only.
2. Must have 5 wheel studs and nuts per wheel or you will not race. MINIMUM 1 INCH NUTS.
3. All cars must have working brakes on all 4 wheels. (Subject to testing). Any car found not to have 4 working brakes will not be allowed to race.
4. No aluminum calipers or after-market brakes of any kind will be permitted.

Must have tow hooks on front and rear of car. Must be able to support car. No tow hooks could result in loss of money and/or points for that night.

1.) Working Raceceivers and transponders mandatory.

Oakshade Raceway reserves the right to take points away for rule violations, including those by driver, pit crew or fan misconduct. We also may add points for running the track in and or etc. Any competitor found with any traction control device by Oakshade Raceway official will be fined (up to $1,000.00) and loose all points and money and all accumulated points. Fine must be paid before car, car driver, and car owner is allowed to race again, in any events at Oakshade Raceway.

There is No Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, or Firearms allowed in the pits or any Property associated with Oakshade Raceway at any time. Any specification not covered in these rules must be approved by track officials in writing before it is OK. Just because you have gotten away with a rule does not make it legal or ok. Any questions call Harold Cook at 419-509-6246 or if you cannot reach Harold call the track at 419-337-6850.

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