Miller & Noonan Dual Winners

The first ever Push Truck Dual UMP Late Model Features at Oakshade Raceway treated the fans to some spectacular racing action on Saturday evening with Matt Miller and Casey Noonan each picking up a $1500 feature victory.

Matt Miller, the 1991 Oakshade Raceway Late Model Track Champion, started on the pole for the first 25 lap feature and immediately took the lead over Dan Wallace. Wallace maintained second until lap 21 when Noonan took over that position.

The first of the push truck sponsored dual feature events went entirely caution free with Matt Miller taking the checkered flag over Noonan and Wallace. Rusty Schlenk finished fourth and Ronnie Perrine Jr. was fifth.

The second UMP Late Model Feature started 23 cars with John Gamber, George Lindsey and Cody Houston added to the line up. Gamber was highest in points not to race in to the feature and Lindsey and Houston were the next highest finishers in the consolation race.

The top six finishers from the first feature were inverted for the start of the second and unlike the first feature, the second feature was marred by many caution periods.

Rusty Schlenk took command at the start. It didn’t take long for Matt Miller to start knocking on the door for the lead as he worked his way up to second behind Schlenk.

One of the numerous cautions came out after Ronnie Perrine Jr. fell off the pace on the front stretch while running in the top five. This caused a melee behind him as the field stacked up. Chris Ross, Chris Keller and Mike Miller were among some of the cars involved.

Just after the restart, Matt Miller looked to the outside of Schlenk going into to turn one. Miller got up too high and spun around and brought out another caution. Miller had to drop to the tail with 22 laps remaining to try to work his way back into contention and that is exactly what he did.

Schlenk had opened up a lead over Casey Noonan who was running second until Noonan took advantage of a restart after a caution to get to the inside of Schlenk and take over the lead. Noonan then began to stretch his advantage in the closing laps.

Miller worked all the way back up to third and got into the rear of Mike Harger a lapped car, on lap 22 that sent Harger spinning to bring out the final caution of the race. Miller restarted in third right on the tail of second place Schlenk.

Miller and Schlenk battled hard for second the final few laps allowing Noonan to go on and pick up another UMP Late Model Feature win after winning the ALMS Feature last week at Oakshade Raceway. Matt Miller came up one position short of passing the entire field and had to settle for second followed by Schlenk, Curtis Roberts and Curtis Deisenroth.

Joe Derbeck snatched the early lead of the UMP Sportsman Feature after starting on the pole, but could not hold on to it as Brice Luttrell muscled by on the inside to take over on lap two.

Jeff Grochowski spun in turn four to bring out one of the caution flags in the race. Matt Lindsey restarted fourth after the caution and jumped to the outside and began picking off positions, taking the lead on lap eight.

Lindsey went on to capture his first feature win of the year with Derbeck getting back around Brice Luttrell to finish second. Amy Bernard finished fourth and defending Oakshade Raceway UMP Sportsman Track Champion Mike Jessen ended up fifth.

Curt Lancaster started on the outside of the front row of the UMP Bomber A Main and grabbed the lead early with Jerry Signor pressuring him in second. Signor won the previous two week’s A Mains.

Lancaster was able to pull away from Signor on his way to pick up his first feature win of the year. Signor held on to finish second followed by Danny Hogrefe in third after starting 11th. Rick Dixon was fourth and Dustin Sautter came home fifth.

Dylan Herman looked to be headed to his third UMP Hornet Feature win until slipping up high in turn two with a flat tire while leading. Adam Noonan, also looking for his third feature win slipped underneath Herman’s ailing car to take over the lead and didn’t look back. The sixteen-year-old driver held on to pick up the victory.

Derek Morris finished second followed by Gabe Mueller and Drew Smith who finally broke his string of second place finishes, ending up fourth. Nate Meinka posted a fifth place finish.

Terry Rushlow and Jim Guinn had a heated lead battle for much of the UMP Bomber B Main that was slowed multiple times by cautions. The two drivers kept trading the lead back and forth.

A late caution set up a two-lap shootout to the finish. With Guinn leading, Rushlow and Karl Spoores got hooked together in turns one and two on the final lap, knocking both drivers out of the top five and allowing Guinn to pick up his first feature win of the year.

Jack Waldfogel survived to finish second followed by Rick Dippman, Bob Krumm and Kevin Cole.

The UMP Bomber C Main started off with a three wide battle for the lead between Bob Mayer, Chuck Faller and Ron Bloomfield Jr. Bob Mayer eventually came out on top of that deal, but would suffer some bad luck on lap six that would cost him the lead. Mayer got loose in turn four and had to let off the gas and gather it back up. Meanwhile, Chuck Faller and a host of others took advantage, moving by Mayer who fell back to fifth.

In the end, it was Temperance Michigan’s, Chuck Faller who ended up victorious with Cody Walls finishing second. Ron Bloomfield Jr. slipped back to finish third. Josh Overmyer moved up to finish fourth after starting 10th. Bob Mayer held on to finish fifth.

Oakshade Raceway will host Wallace Racing Products Night on Saturday, June 6 that will feature a full racing program of UMP Late Models, UMP Sportsmen, UMP Bombers and UMP Hornets. Gates open at 4pm with racing at 7pm.

Noonan Earns ALMS Victory

Sylvania Ohio’s Casey Noonan meticulously worked through slower traffic to earn the American Late Model Series $2000 Feature win at Oakshade Raceway Saturday night.

Ky Harper began the night five points behind Jon Henry in the ALMS points standings and started on the pole of the feature alongside Casey Noonan. The two drivers battled early for the lead in the 30-lap event.

The defending Oakshade Late Model track champion, Rody Schroyer, transferred into the feature after winning one of the two consolation races. Schroyer feel off the pace running at the tail of the field as the leaders were approaching. That held up Harper and Noonan took advantage, slipping under Harper as he had to check up for Schroyer.

Noonan began to open up his lead as the race continued without any cautions with the exception of an incident on the first lap that resulted in a complete restart. Noonan seemed calm and collected as he navigated through the lapped traffic he encountered while trying to maintain his lead.

Jon Henry got by Harper for second after those two raced side by side for many laps. Jon Henry, from Ada, Ohio, began to slowly close on Noonan in the final laps but was too far behind to catch him.

Casey Noonan drove his Noonan Performance Racing Engines & Dyno Service Late Model to his first victory of the year. Henry maintained his ALMS points lead with a second place finish with Harper hanging on to finish third. Brian Ruhlman came in to the night third in ALMS points behind Harper and Henry and finished fourth in the race ahead of Rick Delong.

Brett Miller made a bold move on the first lap of the UMP Sportsman Feature going three wide between Rob Liaeff and Joe Derbeck for the lead.

Brian Fisher closed in on Miller and got to the inside of him by lap eight. The two drivers battled for a few laps with Brian Fisher taking of the lead by a nose on lap 10.

Fisher maintained his lead the remainder of the race on his way to his second feature win of the year despite a late charge by Miller. Miller, with one feature win a few weeks ago, settled for a second place finish. Matt Lindsey, Tim Line and Rob Liaeff rounded out the rest of the top five finishers.

The start of the UMP Bomber A Main featured some great three wide racing action for the lead among Jim Scout, Dustin Sautter and Jerry Signor. The battle for the lead then continued side by side between Scout and Signor after they disposed of Sautter and remained tight most of the race.

The slight advantage for the lead belonged to Scout for most of the race, but Signor from Jackson, Michigan dropped to the inside of Scout with just two laps remaining and stole the lead away. Signor went on to pick up his second consecutive UMP Bomber A Main Feature win. Scout finished in the runner up position followed by Curt Lancaster, Ron Tolles and Billy Brown.

Fifteen-year-old Dylan Herman led the UMP Hornet Feature from flag to flag to earn his second feature win of the year.

Things got ugly on lap two as Drew Smith, Adam Noonan and Derek Morris spun coming off turn two. Morris’ car ended up stopped facing oncoming traffic right in the groove. Bill Reeves Jr. who was running near the tail of the field rammed head on into Morris after the caution flag had flown putting an end to both drivers’ night.

Finishing second behind Herman was Drew Smith who has finished second in every UMP Hornet Feature so far this year. Gabe Mueller took third followed by last week’s winner Adam Noonan. Pole sitter Dylan Burt finished fifth.

Chris Williams and Joe Heffner got hooked together on the first lap of the UMP Bomber B Main after starting on the front row. That brought out a caution and forced the two drivers to start at the tail for a complete restart.

Roscoe Stetten then became the pole sitter and maintained the lead for the first part of the race until a restart after a caution for Joe Cordes stopped automobile. Stetten led the field back to the green flag but had apparently cut a tire as he stepped on the gas. The rest of the field took evasive action to get by as Stetten limped back to the pits.

Ron Leonard suddenly found himself with the lead in which he held all the way to the checkered flag for his first feature win of the year after starting 11th. Dave “Gumby” Golembiewski was second followed by Kevin Cole, Karl Spoores and Tim Mullendore.

John Dryer was the early leader in the UMP Bomber C Main until getting held up slightly by the lapped car of Devin Goodman. Chris Sands took advantage and moved by into the lead.

Tony Tolles started deep in the field and got into Dryer while trying to get to his inside battling for second. Dryer spun collecting Richard Riffe and Jamie Faller. Tolles continued his march to the front going to the inside of Sands for the lead on the final lap. Sands slipped up the banking in turn four as they came to the checkered flag, allowing Tolles to pick up the victory. Matt Lane finished second as Sands slipped back to finish third. Nathan Goodman and Brian McKenzie finished fourth and fifth respectively.

The first ever UMP Late Model Push Truck Dual Features event is scheduled for Saturday, May 30 and will feature two complete UMP Late Model Features each paying $1500 to win. UMP Sportsmen, UMP Bombers and UMP Hornets will fill out the rest of the night’s racing line up. Regular admission prices will be in effect as they are each and every Saturday night at Oakshade Raceway. Gates open at 4pm with racing at 7pm.

Marcoullier Holds On For Win

Dona Marcoullier of Houghton Lake, Michigan held off a hard charging Rusty Schlenk to capture the UMP Late Model feature win at Oakshade Raceway Saturday night.

Marcoullier started on the outside of the front row and got the jump on pole sitter Tyler Boggs. Boggs and Marcoullier pulled away from the rest of the field early until Schlenk moved up to third and began to close in.

A caution for an incident involving Steve Kester, Chris Ross, Dan Wallace and Mike Miller tightened the field on lap six. Schlenk took advantage of the restart and took second away from Boggs shortly after the green flag flew once again.

Ky Harper had a top five run going but retired to the pits on lap 10. One lap later, Tyler Boggs spun in turn two while running second, forcing him to restart at the tail of the field. Jon Henry assumed the third position and he along with Schlenk began to pressure Marcoullier for the lead. Schlenk went to the high side and Henry hugged the inside with Marcoullier holding the lead in the middle.

Eventually things settled down and Marcoullier had a little cushion over second place Rusty Schlenk, but in the final laps Schlenk closed up right on his rear bumper once again. Schlenk had a good run coming off turn four on the final lap, but Marcoullier was able to edge him out for his second feature win in his last two visits to Oakshade Raceway.

The rest of the top five finishers started deep in the field. Jon Henry started 15th and finished third. Last week’s feature winner, Wayne Chinn, passed the most cars after starting 19th and ended up fourth with Dusty Moore moving up from starting 17th to finish fifth.

Brian Fisher and Brett Miller each have one UMP Sportsman Feature win this year and both drivers started in the front row. Fisher took the early lead in the feature with Josh Steinacker going around the outside of Fisher for the lead on lap four.

After a lap five caution, Fisher reclaimed the lead from Steinacker for one lap, but then Steinacker regained command and began to pull away.

Miller eventually took second from Fisher and began to pressure Steinacker for the top spot. Just as they were about to take white flag, Miller spun in turn three while challenging for the lead and brought out the yellow flag.

Steinacker went on to become the third different UMP Sportsman Feature of the year with Fisher taking second. Tim Line was third with Matt Lindsey fourth. Tim Fisher started 15th and ended up fifth.

Last week Jerry Signor ended his night upside down at the start of the Bomber A Main, but he kept all four wheels on the ground this week and led the A Main from flag to flag.

Jim Scout started 10th and worked his way up to second by lap eight. Signor had built up a big lead, but a spin by Dan Plath brought out the caution on lap 10 which nullified Signor’s advantage.

Signor held off Jim Scout to earn the feature win. Ron Tolles took third followed by Danny Hogrefe and Craig Dippman.

Josh Froelich spun on the first lap of the UMP Hornet Feature in turn two and Curtis Spurgeon plowed into him hard ending both drivers’ night.

Adam Noonan started on the pole and easily picked up his second consecutive feature win of the year. Drew Smith finished second for the third consecutive week. Gabe Mueller, Tyler Line and Derek Morris were the rest of the top five finishers.

Jamie Grochowski won the UMP Bomber A Main a week ago, but could only muster earning a UMP Bomber B Main starting spot this week through his heat event. Grochowski started on the pole and led the entire distance for the UMP Bomber B Main feature victory.

Tim Mullendore finished second followed by last week’s C Main winner, Matt Lane, who started deep in the field. Jim Plotts finished fourth and Bob Krumm was fifth.

The Bomber C Main was the final event of the night. Dustin Sautter wasted no time getting to the front, taking the lead by the end of the first lap. Sautter never looked back opening a commanding lead and went on to pick of the victory. Rick Dixon started to slowly reel in Sautter, but had to settle for a distance second. Bob Mayer, Randy Murday and Robert Meinen rounded out the rest of the top five finishers.

The fastest will meet to race once again at Oakshade Raceway in the UMP Late Model, UMP Sportsman, UMP Bomber and UMP Hornet divisions on Saturday night with gates opening at 4pm and racing at 7pm.